Welcome to my personal website

Hello, my name is Juan Carlos, this is my personal website, with no specific purprose. I started it for playing around with the Content Managemen System and to make some use of it.
My profession is I.T., I'm a computer programmer and also I know a bit of everything, if you want more details, check my CV section as its not my purprose to show my knowledge on this website, just an overview.

Hobbies and interests

In this section i will list my hobbies.


I like to play sports, specially the ones on the open air. My favorite sport is Windsurfing, wich I practice in summer in Mallorca, my hometown and current place of living. I also practice quite often beach voleyball with my friends on sundays most of the year. Another sport i enjoy a lot but I lately dont practice because lack of time or routine is in-line roller skating. Then on the weekdays routine, specially in the winter i do more fitness in gym and also jogging. I also like to play padel-tennis (not well known in other countries, its like tennis in smaller field and you can play with the walls too). In the not-summer time I often do some hikings in the mountains with my friends and also with some groups on the social network for this purprose. Others sports that i enjoy buy I dont do regularely are: swimming, snorkeling, kayak, slackline, bodyboard, horse riding


I love traveling a lot, because from the first moment in a new place you brain is receiving new information, everything is new and stimulant. I like to explore new places, know diferent cultures than mine, meet new people, open my mind and see the world throw their point of view.

As now Im having a stable job and limited holidays per year, I tend to do more short trips and many than few long trips so i can use more the weekends off days.
Another way to meet people from diferent countries, in case you are not able to travel for any reason, is hosting people in your home (for free) using websites as Couch Surfing. I'm using this website to travel and also to host and meet people from all over the world either when im on holidays or I'm working. The idea of couch surfing is to share and exchange culture and knowledge, people can spend few nights in your place, you open your home to totally strangers, wich is a crazy idea specially for some people as closed minded, untrusty and most of old people. But my experience tells me that is a cool way to meet very interesting people and share experiencies. Nobody must see couchsurfing as a free hotel, even i saw this happening in few cases. Trust is based mainly in the references people have on theis profile. I hosted many people and I never had any problem and never been stolen a single object in my place. Besides I made really good friends whom some of them I made some travels together and we keep contact.


I like to learn everything related to how brain works, so this interest doesn't include only psicology but also everything related to it. I dont believe in a single way to measure intelligence of people as it was made some years ago. Some people with very high intelligence test mark had unsuccesful life and others with low mark had a very succesfull and happy life. I think the key of success is to have an open mind, see all posible points of view and not limit yourself. Brain plasticity is very high and we are all able to do any kind of activity or work, just need to develop it and do what you like. People is wrong when they say "I'm not made for this" or "I could never make that"

Science and technology

When someone asks me what is my religion and if I believe in God, I use to answer: I only believe in what i can see, what i can feel and what science can proove. Its the most sincere and simple answer i have for this question. Science and technology are the key of human progress, althought it can be used against nature or ourselfs. It started with the wheel and nobody knows where is the end. We are all very lucky to live in a century wich we are all witness of an amazing evolution of science and technology, specially if we compare to the thousands of previous years. Science and technology makes work more efficient and makes us live longer. Companyes are every time more efficient but most of humans are still getting the same salary so it seems to help more the companyes and owners than the workes, or we can also say that machines can replace human work so because of this some people is getting unemployed, so there is always two sides on every coin

Besides this philosophical talk I must say that I'm a little geek about technology. I like to have the last technology on my hands and play with it, talking about smartphones, tablets, audio, tv, etc

Healthy lifestyle

I give a lot of importante of caring about my body and having a healthy lifestyle. This includes, at least the following: I never smoke, I try to sleep near 7.5h every day, I drink very little alcohol and I try to eat healthy, but Im not following any specific diet, i eat a bit of everything in balance, raising protein intake after gym sessions. Also i take vitamins&minerals time to time.

Business and economy

I like to think about new ideas of business.